LI. Council Meeting Vienna

From 15th to 22nd of November the Council Meeting of ESTIEM took place in the beautiful austrian capital Vienna.

All the committees and projects gave their updates and we elected a new board during this week.

The first day started with some calm get to know games - the traditional family games. These family games were connected with a small city tour. After that, all ESTIEMers gathered for the Welcome Party of LG Vienna.

The second day started in the early morning with the opening ceremony of the biggest Council Meeting which ever was organized! After exhausting, but very interesting hours of General Assembly (GA) in the evening all 300 ESTIEMers went to party in the city center of Vienna.

The following days consisted of all in all five Workshops and several GAs. The Workshops were divided into company workshops, working groups and trainings. Trainings are implemented to increase the hard- and soft skills of the participants, like advanced excel knowledge or conflict management. The working groups are focused on the development of committees and projects within ESTIEM.

The occasion to organize the biggest Council Meeting in the history of ESTIEM is the 25th Anniversary which was celebrated during the event with a maskarade-party.

On the 7th day the applicants for board hold their eagerly waited presentations. The following day the delegates voted for Project Leaders (Europe3D, business booster,...), Council Meeting Autumn 2016 (Madrid vs. Novi Sad) and the transition board until next CM in Porto.

After the presentation of the voting results and appreciations of former Leader and boardies in the evening the traditional and fancy Gala Dinner took place. After that, all ESTIEMers and Alumni met in the fancy Club "Aux Gazelles" in the city center of Vienna.

Thanks to LG Vienna for organizing the biggest Council Meeting in history!

Johannes Dittler, Manuel Zanner & Tobias Rummelsberger